NFL Week #2 Picks

Last week, I had a pretty good start to the season by picking four out of my five games correctly. This week, however, it’s a little tougher with the lines drastically higher. Here are my picks for week 2:


Spread: -3

The Giants disappointed me last week with a 14 point loss to the Redskins to kick off 2011. But the Rams also took a beating at home against Philadelphia. With the GMen returning home on Monday night, I can’t imagine they will come out flat. Also, Sam Bradford has a bruised finger (probable), Stephen Jackson has a strained hamstring (questionable), and Danny Amendola has a bruised collar bone (doubtful). Even with the three points, I’ll still pick the Giants this week. GIANTS


Spread: -9

Here’s a tough one. Obviously, I believe the Jets are the better team but nine points is way too much. The Jets had a classic comeback last Sunday night, but they came out horrendous in the first half. The Jaguars also looked impressive last week against Tennessee. Just like last week, the Jets will win but not cover. I’m expecting a Jets victory by a touchdown. JAGUARS


Spread: -7

As opposed to every NFL analyst, I haven’t bought into the hype of the Chargers. Everyone has them favored to win the AFC, some even the Super Bowl. I’m sorry but Norv Turner can’t get the job done period. He’s terrible. San Diego also didn’t impress me with their lackluster start against the pathetic Vikings. I believe the Chargers will put up some impressive numbers on the Pats’ questionable secondary, but will still lose by more than a touchdown – New England’s offense is just too good. PATRIOTS


Spread: -6.5

Just a solid NFC matchup right here. Even though the Saints lost a close one last week at Green Bay, I still think they’re the best team in the NFC. Chicago looked prepared for the season last week against Atlanta and blew them out of town with a 30-12 victory. The Bears defense impressed me in Week 1, but I’m expecting some big fantasy numbers from Brees. The Saints will win by a touchdown. SAINTS


Spread: +2.5

I’m expecting a dominating performance by Michael Vick since it will the first time he’s back in Atlanta since his days with the Falcons. Atlanta had an unimpressive performance at Chicago last week, and I don’t think Matt Ryan will find his form against this Eagles defense. Look for another dominating road performance by Philly on Sunday night and cue the “Dream Team” comments in the post-game. EAGLES

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