College Football Picks Week 3, and the Top 25 Late…

Sorry guys my computer died this week, but now I upgraded to some high quality technology. Anyways, I am going to quickly give my top 25 for the week and then the quick picks because I have limited time here.

1. Alabama

2. Oklahoma

3. LSU

4. Wisconsin

5. Stanford

6. Nebraska

7. Florida State

8. Oregon

9. Virginia Tech

10. Boise State

11. Texas A&M

12. Oklahoma State

13. Arkansas

14. South Carolina

15. Ohio State

16. Florida

17. West Virginia

18. Michigan State

19. Texas

20. Mississippi State

21. Arizona State

22. South Florida

23. Baylor

24. Maryland

25. Auburn

Picks Week 3:

Mississippi State 27, LSU 24* Upset of the week?

Stanford 34, Arizona 21

Nebraska 31, Washington 17

South Carolina 41, Navy 24

Notre Dame 27, Michigan State 24

Florida 28, Tennessee 20

Ohio State 24, Miami FL 17

West Virginia 34, Maryland 27

Arizona State 31, Illinois 24

Iowa 21, Pittsburgh 17

Georgia Tech 35, Kansas 20

North Carolina 24, Virginia 17

BYU 21, Utah 20

Clemson 31, Auburn 24

Oklahoma 27, Florida State 21

2 Responses to “College Football Picks Week 3, and the Top 25 Late…”

  1. BoondockSooner Says:

    Curious why you like Alabama ahead of LSU and Oklahoma. Feel those two are far and away the best teams in the nation. I can’t get impressed with Alabama by beating a mediocre Penn State team while LSU has now taken on two very solid teams – Oregon and Mississippi State – and Oklahoma absolutely destroyed a Tulsa team that had 10 wins last season.

  2. sammywestside Says:

    Good question, well I did rank them before last nights game…but still I really like all three teams right now…Oklahoma hasn’t played the big game yet, so if they play well in Tallahassee they could take #1…right now Alabama and LSU’s defenses both look unbelievable…but I might slightly like Alabama’s offense a bit more…but still early, plenty of time change my mind…thanks for the post

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