NFL Week #1 Picks

Football is back baby! This fall at 5 Borough Sports, we will preview five of our favorite games each week in the NFL. With these five games, we will provide analysis about our picks against the spread. So here we go! Week 1 begins now…


Spread: -5

Nothin’ like watching Sunday Night Football on NBC. Even though the Jets looked solid in the preseason, five points is a little much for Week #1. The Jets usually don’t catch fire until the end of the season, so I’m not fully confident with them winning big for a few weeks. I believe the Jets will survive a close one Sunday night. I’ll go with a 21-17 Jets victory.  COWBOYS


Spread: -1

This the best day modern-day rivalry in pro football. Even though both teams won on the road against each other last season, I’ll pick the home team for this one. This game should be even given these teams are practically identical. But I have a hunch Baltimore will pull this one out late by a touchdown. Ravens win 17-10. RAVENS


Spread: +4

The debut of the Vince Young self-proclaimed “Dream Team.” Even though I believe Philly is highly overrated, I don’t believe St. Louis has a chance to win this one at home. Bradford will throw for over 4,000 yards this year, but the Rams’ defense is pathetic. Vick should have a field day with the lowly St. Louis secondary. I’ll go with a 42-21 Eagles victory. EAGLES


Spread: Even

The Lions are this year’s sleepers. Actually, I believe Detroit will be a #5 seed and clinch their first playoff birth since 1999. I expect Tampa’s starting quarterback Josh Freeman to have nightmares Saturday night thinking about the Lions’ defensive line. The Lions will run shit down in Tampa to open up the season. Lions win 24-7. LIONS


Spread: -3

Without bias, this should be a lock. Granted the Giants have had a miserable off-season, they are a much better team than Washington. Rex Grossman isn’t the answer for the Redskins. Who does he have to throw to? With the Jets taking most of the headlines in the local newspapers, America seems to forget that the Giants actually have a good team. Even with a depleted defense, the Giants should win by two scores. I’ll go with 35-21 Giants for this one. GIANTS

Updated 9/12/11 at 6:11pm: So I was 4-1 for the first week of the season, not too shabby.

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