College Football Picks Week 2

Why is Gameday here? Well must be an unexciting week of games...

We’re finally off and rolling and we finally have some results to back up our thoughts about all the teams out there. In week one some teams looked a lot worse than we thought, and some better, but most of them didn’t tell us much by playing cupcakes. I’ve decided to make these predictions a little more interesting and predict the scores, and try to just focus on the big games of the week.

Oklahoma State 38, Arizona 24

Arizona State 34, Missouri 28

Wisconsin 34, Oregon State 14

Iowa 24, Iowa State 13

Mississippi State 45, Auburn 27

North Carolina 23, Rutgers 14

California 28, Colorado 21

Alabama 24, Penn State 10

TCU 23, Air Force 20

Virginia Tech 35, ECU 24

NC State 31, Wake Forest 17

Oregon 41, Nevada 17

Hawaii 27, Washington 24

Tennessee 27, Cincinnati 17

South Carolina 34, Georgia 24

Texas 27, BYU 17

USC 21, Utah 17

UCF 24, Boston College 21

Notre Dame 28, Michigan 24

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