College Football Preview: BCS Conferences Predictions

In my last edition of the college football preview for 2011, I will make my final predictions for the 2011 season for schools in the BCS Conferences. I’m going to withhold from doing records, as I did with the non-BCS teams, and just predict standings.

I apologize as I have been very busy, so I will be short and sweet with many of the conferences.

We’ll start out west with the new Pac 12.

In the Pac 12 this year the cream of the crop is clearly Oregon and Stanford. The Cardinal lose a significant amount of guys around Andrew Luck, and despite playing Oregon at home this year, I think the Ducks sweep threw the conference again and are a national title contender again.


1. Oregon

2. Stanford

3. Oregon State

4. California

5. Washington

6. Washington State


1. USC*

2. Arizona State

3. Arizona


5. Utah

6. Colorado

Champion: Oregon

Big 12:

The Big 12 is Oklahoma’s to lose. The Sooners are the most talented team in the country and some tough road games look like the only thing between them and a berth in the National Title Game.  Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas all seem like contenders to slot in the 2nd spot, but I’m not convinced any of them have enough to compete on the national scene.

1. Oklahoma

2. Oklahoma State

3. Texas A&M

4. Texas

5. Missouri

6. Texas Tech

7. Baylor

8. Kansas State

9. Iowa State

10. Kansas

Big East:

The most competitive conference is impossible to pick this year. There are three teams I kind of like, West Virginia, USF and Pittsburgh, but the question remains whether or not they have what it takes to compete on the national scene, let alone in the top 25.

1. West Virginia

2. Pittsburgh

3. South Florida

4. Syracuse

5. Rutgers

6. UConn

7. Cincinnati

8. Louisville

Big Ten:

Nebraska storms into the conference as a big contender and likely could play for the title in year one. Wisconsin and Ohio State look to have very good seasons again while I believe Michigan State takes a step back this year.

1. Nebraska

2. Iowa

3. Michigan State

4. Michigan

5. Northwestern

6. Minnesota

1. Wisconsin

2. Ohio State

3. Penn State

4. Illinois

5. Purdue

6. Indiana

Champion: Wisconsin


In the east South Carolina, Georgia and Florida all look capable of winning the division, but which team is going to answer all the questions going into the season. If South Carolina beats Georgia in Athens week 2, then the division is their’s to lose, if not it might be Georgia’s. In the west Alabama looks to be the cream of a very good crop. Arkansas and LSU could challenge the Tide, while Mississippi State should be very good. Auburn is going to take a step back, and my bold prediction is that they miss a bowl this year.


1. Georgia

2. South Carolina

3. Florida

4. Tennessee

5. Kentucky

6. Vanderbilt


1. Alabama

2. Arkansas

3. LSU

4. Mississippi State

5. Auburn

6. Ole Miss

Champion: Alabama


In the Coastal Virginia Tech looks to be a heavy favorite over the three NCAA violation teams. All three could end up having good seasons, but I doubt they unseat Virginia Tech. In the Atlantic Florida State is getting lots of hype and should be the heavy favorite, but if they lose at Clemson in week 4, it could be the Tigers who shock the division. NC State should also have another very good season again, but traveling to Tallahassee might be too much for them to overcome.


1. Virginia Tech

2. Miami FL

3. UNC

4. Georgia Tech

5. Virginia

6. Duke


1. Florida State

2. Clemson

3. NC State

4. Boston College

5. Maryland

6. Wake Forest

Champion: Virginia Tech

BCS Predictions:

Fiesta: Stanford over Nebraska

Rose: Wisconsin over Oregon

Orange: Virginia Tech over West Virginia

Sugar: Arkansas over Florida State

NC: Alabama over Oklahoma

Next, look for weekly analysis and predictions of games…

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