Giants vs. Jets Preseason Game This Weekend…Jets Act Like It’s the Super Bowl

Victor Cruz: MVP of the 2010 Preseason

(ESPNNY.COM) FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — The New York Jets, whom coach Rex Ryan believes have taken control of the local football rivalry, are approaching the annual summer showdown against the New York Giants as more than just a preseason game. The Jets want to win and send a message, and perhaps set a tone for when they meet again, Dec. 24 — their first regular-season meeting since 2007. “This game doesn’t affect our year, as everybody knows, but we still want to play great, we still want to dominate,” guard Matt Slauson said Wednesday. Safety Jim Leonhard added, “I think it’s definitely going to be intense. It’s for bragging rights. You’re fighting over New York here. … How can you consider yourself a power in the NFL if you don’t own your own city?” Ryan took some shots at the Giants in his book, which was published in the spring and devotes an entire chapter to the rivalry. He says, “I know it’s going to piss off every Giants fan to hear this, but here you go: We are the better team. We are the big brother.” He also says the Jets are “going to remain the better team for the next 10 years.”

Wait. Are the Jets trying to start up this New York rivalry again? Didn’t see this one coming. It’s the third game of the preseason and the Jets are acting like it’s the game of the decade. Relax. Why would you hype this game when both teams play each other later in the season when it actually counts? Like I’ve said before, the Giants could care less about the Jets. They just want to stay healthy. I’m pretty sure every Giants fan will take a loss this weekend over any other season-ending injury. So Jets fans can brag all they want if they win on Saturday. As long as every Giants starter is alive and healthy at the end of the game, I’ll consider it a victory.

By the way, I love Rex Ryan’s claim that the Jets are the bigger brother. If you coach a franchise who hasn’t even been to the Super Bowl in over 40 years, let alone win a championship, I would stay quiet. It’s a coincidence that the Jets and the Eagles, two of the most unsuccessful franchises in NFL history, talk the most shit.

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