Best Team in the American League


It seems that everyone this summer has been raving about the Red Sox and the Phillies dominating baseball. Don’t want to disappoint any Yankee haters, but the Yanks are leading the AL East and have the best record in the American League. Remember back in February when every baseball “expert” claimed the Yankees had no chance of winning the division this year? Sucks for all the Yankee haters…again! I find it hilarious that the Sox stole the show in the offseason acquiring Adrien Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, while the Yanks signed washed up pitchers Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia. I guess it’s not about the money after all. No lie – I’ll take this Yankees squad over the Red Sox any day. I know according to the WAR stat (whatever the fuck that is), Dustin Pedroia is better than Cano. If anyone told me they would rather have Pedroia than Cano, I would lose all respect for their baseball intelligence. Unlike other sports, you can’t always go by the books in baseball. According to those same bullshit WAR stats, Nomar was a better player than Jeter in the late 90’s. Hilarious right? To be honest, the Red Sox have by far a better team on paper than the Yankees. But who cares? The Yanks are currently in 1st place…and that’s just baseball.

Speaking of Cano, did anyone see that at bat he had tonight in the 4th inning? It was undoubtedly the best AB of the year. In a 13 pitch at bat, Cano fouled off seven straight foul balls…then hit a go-ahead three run bomb to deep center. Any of you baseball nerds have an answer for that stat? Fuck WAR.

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  1. Bellarmine Says:

    Wow – that song is terrible. I think it contaminated all of my song files.

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