It’s Preseason Bro…

Rex Ryan has gottta stop being an attention whore. At first it was funny- Hard Knocks was hilarious. But after a season of trash-talking and false guarantees, I’m tired of this dude. Who the fuck slams their head set and screams at the ref in a preseason game? You’re starters didn’t even dress tonight. Tonight is a prime example to show the difference between the Jets and the Giants. The Jets came into the league as the “Titans” (the name chosen on the sole purpose that a “titan” is bigger than a “giant”). They’ve tried to erase the concept that they’re the little brother of the Giants. This is the reason why the Jets glorify Giants Stadium with giant balloons, cheerleaders, and flashy. They do everything they can to become the center of the NFL (make guarantees, talk shit about opposing players, dance on the field after a win, etc.) The Giants, on the other hand, are the classy franchise in New York. There’s no bullshit at Giants games, just football. You think Bill Parcells or Bill Belichick (in the good days) would ever throw a fit just to put on a show? Didn’t think so.

Coaches With Super Bowl Rings Don't Make Guarantees

Since Rex came to New York, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the guy. I have respect for him since he could care less about what other people think around the league. I also commend him for the confidence he has in his players. Plus, I love coaches with a defense mentality. But he’s not my kind of coach. I like coaches who don’t put on a show in press conferences (pretty much every coach who has come from the Bill Parcells coaching tree). Bill Parcells spoke his mind to get the best out of his players. Rex Ryan speaks because he wants his voice to be heard. In my eyes, Ryan sounds like one of the most egotistical coaches in the league. So is anyone with me on this one? You guys sick of Rex finding ways to stay in the spotlight?

3 Responses to “It’s Preseason Bro…”

  1. As a Jets fan I am a bit biased, but hard to take this serious when you give the biggest egoist of all time a pass. You talk about the Parcells tree not putting on a show at press conferences, but who Parcells made his name for that exact thing. Would you rather play for Rex or Coughlin? Would you rather have Rex coaching your team or Coughlin?

  2. Bellarmine Says:

    Bill Parcells: ” No matter how much you’ve won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you’re not winning now, so you stink. ”
    Parcells never hid the fact that he wanted to win every game – pre-saeson or not. His mantra was – if you’re gong to play a game and they’re going to keep score, you might as well win it. During the season, when he would mention his team’s record, he would always include the pre-season games.

  3. Rory – As a completely biased Giants fan, I’d have to go with Coughlin. I want a coach who’s not going to joke around with his players. The players who don’t like to play for him are the one’s who want a coach who would kiss their ass (Tiki Barber).

    As for Parcells, his press conferences were brutally honest. He would give the media what they wanted because he wouldn’t back down any question. But I don’t remember the last time Parcells wore a whig while answering questions.

    I believe preseason games are very important. There’s nothing wrong with getting angry if something isn’t going right. But throwing down your headset after the ref gives you a timeout? Sorry that he didn’t hear you. To me, this looked like a prime example of Rex Ryan telling America, “Look at me!”

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