Shout Out of the Week

Meet Intern James “Blue Knight” Costanzo: a native of lovely Patchogue and a die-hard Mets and Jets fan. He has done a fantastic job for us, but I believe this was the highlight of the summer. Since it was his final day in the office, James decided to make a bold statement and rock a Lastings Milledge shirt to work. Anyone who has the balls to wear this shirt deserves a round of applause. If you guys don’t remember Lastings Milledge, he was the most hyped Mets prospect since Darryl Strawberry. The dude was supposed to be the next Willie Mays. Instead, he was remembered as the guy with awesome dreads who couldn’t hit a home run to save his life in Shea. So this week’s SOTW goes to our interns James and Priyanka “Go Orange” Vohra for working their asses off for us the last three months.

Nobody Fucked with Lastings


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