Someone Beam This Kid ASAP

Since when did sportsmanship go out the window in little league? This douche deserves to get drilled in the ear. Trust me, if I were the coach of this Louisiana team, the next pitch to this kid is undoubtedly right at his dome. No room in the game for this. These kids are 11 and 12 year olds who are still learning key fundamentals of the game. Having said that, this New Mexican douche needs to realize that this kind of horse shit doesn’t cut it at a higher level. He  should learn his lesson now and get drilled…then suspended. This kind of shit only flies if it’s the Harlem Little League team from 2002.

Update: Louisiana won this game. Looks like New Mexico are the Philadelphia Eagles of the Little League World Series: act like douchebags, but don’t win shit. 

One Response to “Someone Beam This Kid ASAP”

  1. Can’t say I agree with plunking 11 year olds no matter what the situation, but why can’t the umpire eject him? Or his own coach should bench him immediately and suspend him for a game.

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