Greetings from Hilton Head, SC

Since we are a few weeks away from the busiest sports season of the year, I figured it’s the right time to take a 30 hour vacation in Hilton Head and chill in this phenomenal beach house with Bellarmine and D-Town James. Since the Yankee game this afternoon is on Fox, I figured I wouldn’t have a problem watching the game down here. But the douchebags at Fox decided to air the Phillies-Giants game here instead. So now I’m stuck watching MLB Gameday on Looks like I’m not missing much given it’s 7-3 Sox in the 7th (wtf Sabathia?). Get ready for another episode of 5BS television next week.

Arriving at Hilton Head Island Airport

View of the Ocean from Inside the House

Bellarmine and D-Town James in front of the House


View of the House from the Beach

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