The Osi Situation

So the Osi drama continues. One day after the Giants allowed Osi Umenyiora and his agent to seek a trade, the GMen have taken back their offer forcing the defensive end to play as a Giant this year. Once the Giants realized that no teams were going to trade a first round pick for him, they decided to withdraw the offer. Honestly, a part of me sympathizes for Osi. I understand he had a tremendous season last year and deserves a big time contract. Unfortunately for him, he signed a 6-YEAR, $41 MILLION contract extension in 2005. Wait, are you kiddin’ me Osi?! Who in their right mind holds out with this contract? He’s receiving $7.1 million in the next two years. Apparently Osi thinks he’s good enough for a 6-year, $60+ million contract. Not gonna happen bro. You want to hold out? Go ahead. Have fun losing $900,000 dollars this month.

Gotta give some big-time kudos to Mara, Reese and the entire Giants organization on this one. While other franchises are succumbing to these holdouts, this franchise stays strong. Having Osi on the line this season would make a tremendous impact on the defense. He’s arguably one of the top ten best defensive linemen in the NFL. But there’s no chance the Giants would ever give Osi $10 million a year with depth they have on the line this season – Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, Jason Pierre-Paul, Marvin Austin, Jason Tollefsen. I gotta say, that’s a pretty scary line. So I were Osi, I would keep my mouth shut and play. Maybe if he has another great season, Jerry Reese will stay true to his word and restructure Osi’s contract. As for now, I couldn’t be more excited for the Giants season. With the exception of “Miracle at the Meadowlands II,” I wouldn’t mind another 2010 season and clinch a solid playoff birth. It seems that the Giants will pretty much have the exact same squad as last year. Couldn’t be more excited for football season. One month away my friends.

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