Most Dramatic Moments in Sports History

This morning on Sportscenter they did a top ten of the most dramatic moments in sports history. This was of course on the heels of the US Womens Soccer game yesterday. Some of it I agreed with, some I didn’t. I did some research this morning and came up with this quick list. I might be forgetting some but this is a list that is sure to get you goosebumps.

19. US Women’s Soccer hits goal in final minute to tie Brazil:

18. Tiger Woods Chip in the Masters:

17. Mazeroski’s Homerun to win the 1960 World Series:

For rest of the countdown, click below:

16. Bill Buckner’s error:

15. Aaron Boone’s Walkoff Homerun:

14. NC State beat Houston on Dunk at the Buzzer:

13. Joe Carter hits Walkoff homerun to win World Series:

12. Titans lateral to beat Bills:

11. World Cup 2010, US hits last second goal to advance:

10. Boise State’s trick plays to win Fiesta Bowl:

9. Christian Laetner’s Shot:

8. Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary:

7. Cal-Stanford:

6. Jordan’s Shot to beat the Cavs:

5. Immaculate Reception:

4. 2008 Super Bowl:

3. Kirk Gibson’s Homerun:

2. Shot Heard around the World:

1. Miracle On Ice:

3 Responses to “Most Dramatic Moments in Sports History”

  1. So you’re telling me that a game-tying goal in the US Women’s World Cup quarter-final game is in the top 20 of all-time dramatic moments?? Don’t get me wrong, that game was exciting. But if you’re going to go the world cup route, you have to put Donovan’s goal against Algeria before this one. Plus, Brandi Chastain’s goal in ’99 actually won the World Cup. I saw that ESPN put this at #5 all-time. That’s downright absurd. The only reason they put it on the list is because they have the rights to the World Cup. Just another ploy ESPN put together in order to get higher ratings. Stay classy.

    • sammywestside Says:

      no i totally agree…I put it there because it’s what sparked the discussion, and for comparison

  2. Didn’t see the Donovan goal. My bad.

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