Congratulations to the Bruins

What a series! This has been the best Stanley Cup Finals I have ever seen. Nothing can top this hard-nosed and well-played seven game series. Tim Thomas was masterful and rightfully deserved the Conn Smythe. Hands down, the Bruins deserved the Cup this year. Every series they played came down the wire (with the exception of that Flyers series), and they came through in the clutch every time. Through the finals in Vancouver, the B’s couldn’t figure out how to play their game…until tonight. Finally in Game Seven, they made the right adjustments and out-played the Nucks. Even though it was another disappointing season for the Islanders, this was a phenomenal hockey season.

A lot of you might think how I could have possibly pulled for the Bruins in this Stanley Cup final. Given I’m a New Yorker, many of you probably don’t understand how I could pull for a team from Boston. The truth is, I don’t hate all of Boston’s sports teams. Of course I despise the Red Sox and the Celtics. But the Patriots and the Bruins don’t bother me. Since I’m a Giants fan, why would I hate the Patriots? They aren’t even in our conference, plus the Giants rarely play them. As for the Bruins, there has never been an Isles-Bruins rivalry (maybe during the Clark Gillies-Terry O’Reilly days, but obviously I didn’t witness that). Since Rangers fans hate the Bruins, it actually gave me a reason to root for the B’s!

Don't hate on Boston just because of Massholes like this guy.

Now I know Boston fans are now going to come out and talk shit about how they “dominate” every sport. I can understand why New Yorkers would root against the Bruins since B’s fans are also Sox, Pats, and Celtics fans. But I believe that’s not the right way to be a sports fan. You should never integrate sports when it comes to their fanbases. Probably 99% of Mavericks fans are Cowboys fans. Does that mean I have to root against the Mavs? Of course not. We New Yorkers shouldn’t root against the Bruins just because of the typical Masshole fans. Don’t sink down to their level. We are better than that. It’s not classy to think that way as a sports fan. Give the Bruins the praise they deserve.

On a side note, I have a new respect for Canucks fans. With the clock winding down at the end of the third period, Vancouver fans took the time and cheered their Canucks for another fantastic season. In return, the Canucks thanked their fans for their full support by raising their sticks. Also, with a series full of trash-talking and cheap shots, Canucks fans swallowed their pride and cheered for Tim Thomas as he hoisted the Conn Smythe trophy. Just a night of true sportsmanship and a great night to be a hockey fan.

Here is the introduction to tonight’s game in Vancouver from RDS:

And to conclude the 2010-2011 NHL season, I will leave you with this:

2 Responses to “Congratulations to the Bruins”

  1. Bellarmine Says:

    Should Boston now be called “Title Town” ?

  2. Yea maybe for the past decade it can be called “title town” given they’ve won at least one championship in each of the four main sports. But given Boston’s sports’ history compared to other cities, I don’t think it deserves that title.

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