A New Boston Bandwagon?

Where did you guys come from?

I actually don’t hate the Bruins that much (because the Rangers-Bruins rivalry is pretty much non-existent with the whole separate divisions thing), but of course I was rooting adamantly against them because they are from Boston. They won the Stanley Cup fair and square, but Boston “fans” please…you’re going to do this again?

Over the past weeks you probably know someone who claims to be a Boston fan, Red Sox, Pats, Celtics…and now all of a sudden the Bruins out of NOWHERE!

First it was the Patriots, small fan base in Boston until they won the Super Bowl.

Then it was the Red Sox in 2003, all of a sudden there is Red Sox Nation?

Then the Celtics, who couldn’t sell out a game for there life, and now “f—kin love the Celts baby!”

Now its the Bruins. We’ve actually have met some Bruins fans who are REAL fans who talked about them when they sucked. But then there are the people who are supposed Boston fans, and boom out of nowhere all we hear about is the Bruins?

Please people, Boston you have your real fans (and I respect them), but you’re also the biggest bandwagon town of all-time. Get over yourself Boston. It’s a nice city, historical, but its not that great. The place is unnavigable with the worlds worst public transit system, and of course that group of bandwagon fans.

So from the true fans of teams from the ‘Capital of the World’, have fun on the bandwagon while its going.

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