Ortiz Rightfully Laughing at the Softness of the Yankees

The 2011 New York Yankees don’t deserve to wear pinstripes. Every single one of them. This team plays the game with no pride, no passion, and no effort. It’s one thing to have a miserable series against your rival, but it’s another to be raped for three straight games. The Yankees showed no fight this week, and it began with David Ortiz’s home run in the first game. If I was Joe Girardi and I witnessed Ortiz flip his bat after a home run against a rookie pitcher, I would order my pitcher to drill him in the head in his very next at bat. But what does Girardi do? He whines like a little bitch about it after the game. Then the next day, Burnett pitches scared and doesn’t even come inside on Big Papi! Are you kiddin’ me? Get Burnett the fuck out of this city. I know that Sabathia hit him today (in the hip), but it was two days too late. You could almost see Ortiz laughing over how soft our pitching staff is.

Another problem I have: Joba Chamberlain. Where do I begin? Let’s first start with how I saw him laughing in the dugout before tonight’s game. Never saw a pitcher so content days before having Tommy John surgery. He’s probably thinking, “It doesn’t matter that I’m not able to pitch again this year. I can instead get drunk every night, become an even bigger fat ass, and sit on my $1.4 million!” Seriously Joba, don’t come back to this organization ever again. I hope you pitch for another team some day and we just shit on you. After all the hell you’ve caused for the Yanks, it’s the least you can do. And while I’m on the subject about Joba, remember “Joba Rules?” Yeah, that really worked out Cashman.

Now I’m not going to sit here and cry about how awesome Ortiz has been this year. He flat out rakes. But if the media is going to praise him 24/7, that would be just hypocritical bullshit. David Ortiz batted .264, .238, and .270 the past three seasons, being a complete non-factor for the Sox. But then all of a sudden this year he hits .323 with 15 bombs by early June? At 35, how did he all of a sudden start hitting like he was in his prime? Did he change his swing? Anyone else a little suspicious? But that’s not the point. If the media is going to praise Ortiz, then lay the fuck off the steroid-free Derek Jeter. Don’t hate a guy who does the right thing.

After such a shitty series, it’s hard to remind ourselves that it’s only June. But remember 2009? The Sox beat the Yanks in the first eight games head-to-head. I think we all remember what happened at the end of that year. So in the scheme of things, this series isn’t as important as we all think. So let’s hope the Yanks can rebound from this abysmal week and take care of Cleveland at home.

Btw, looks like Halladay doesn’t have a problem protecting his players:

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