Kudos to MSG on Giving the Isles Some Love!

Bravo MSG Network! Never in a million years did I think MSG would put together an hour long show about the New York Islanders. With guys like Al Trautwig, Sam Rosen, Dave Maloney, and Kenny Albert all part of the MSG staff, I’ve always assumed that the network wanted nothing to do with the Isles. Most young Rangers fans haven’t felt the intensity of the Rangers-Islanders rivalry since it’s been 17 years since the two teams met in the playoffs. But guys like Trautwig, Rosen, and Albert all bled Ranger blue during a time of the Islanders’ dynasty. Deep down they’ve had to have grown an intense hatred for Potvin, Bossy, Gillies, Trots, and all the Islander greats. For Dave Maloney, he played for the Rangers during a time when the Blue Shirts couldn’t come close to matching the Islanders greatness.

J.P Parise Completed the Upset Over the Rangers in the '75 Playoffs

But tonight, Trautwig and the MSG network swallowed their pride and actually put together a documentary for my beloved hockey club. It was magnificent. Trautwig hosted the show that had exclusive interviews with Ed Westfall, Denis Potvin, Bobby Nystrom, and Clark Gillies. For most of the show, MSG broadcasted Game One of the 1975 First Round matchup between the Rangers and Islanders. In the series, the Blue Shirts were heavily favored while the Isles were just excited to make the playoffs in only its third season as a franchise. During the game, Trautwig interviewed Gillies about his thoughts about that series. The Islanders would go on to win that game and the series 3-2 (They even showed J.P. Parise’s overtime goal in Game 3 to clinch the series at the Garden).

I also have to admit, it was fun watching Trautwig act as if he were an Islanders fan. I definitely noticed a pissed off tone in his voice when he discussed Parise’s goal. So for this week, let’s give a shout out to the MSG network for letting us know they haven’t forgotten about our Islanders.

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