Another Reason why College Sports > Pro Sports in my Opinion


Of course College Football and Basketball are great, and are so much better than their pro sports conglomerates, but college baseball is on the rise.

I’ve had my share of College Baseball experiences over the last 12 months that have made me a true believer.

I had the pleasure of attending plenty of games this season from Nebraska to South Carolina, but no one was more entertaining than the Clemson-Davidson game on Tuesday night…and it wasn’t even the game that made it special.

Some people say these “antics” tarnish the game, I say no. Do you think more people would stick around during rain delays in the Majors if there were players goofing off on the field?

I certainly was getting antsy sitting waiting for the game for two hours, but this entertainment made me want to stay and see more. Eventually the game resumed, and Clemson won 19-0, but that wasn’t nearly as fun as the rain delay.

I’m not saying every team should do this every rain delay, but you’ve got to try and have some fun every once in a while!

The best part of it is, the players were just trying to pass time, have fun, and came up with these ideas on the spur of the moment.

This is another clip from the Radford game last week, where another team got in on some hilarious fun.

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