Introducing…College Baseball Bracketology

Over at 5 Borough Sports, we are pretty into College Baseball, so I thought I’d take a rare stab at College Baseball NCAA Tournament Projections. Very few people actually do this, so perhaps we’ll get ahead of the game and learn about it.

I have to say my interest in College Baseball has been much shorter lived than my College Basketball days, but this Bracket Projection does not come to you as a blind projection.

I did an extensive amount of research on how to put one of these brackets together and tried to obey all rules of College Baseball Brackets.

I will put the National Seed Brackets followed by their corresponding matchup for the Super Regional.

If you don’t understand the NCAA Baseball tournament, I’ll briefly explain…

You start with 16 sites with 4 teams at each for a total of 64.

At each site in the first round, the teams play a double elimination format to determine one winner from each site.

The next round you matchup the winners of two sites and play a best of three series, to narrow it to 8 teams.

Finally, the 8 teams go to Omaha for the College World Series. There they are broken into two separate groups of 4, who then play another double elimination tournament to get down to 2 teams remaining. Those two play a best of 3 for the National Title.

This year the National Seeds (the top 8 teams in the country) look to be pretty set already, although we could see some changes.

Hosts of the next round could flux over the next two weeks, as today I moved Clemson and Oklahoma up to host, and Southern Miss and Stetson down as they had a couple rough weeks. I still think they could change back, and these teams will determine their outcomes with they finish over the final two weeks.

On the bubble moved Ole Miss, Tulane, and SE Louisiana onto the right side, while keeping out Texas Tech, LSU and Jacksonville amongst others. LSU is the most strange team in the country, as they have dominated out of conference competition, but struggled mightily in conference. I think they have a real good chance but must win their series with Mississippi State this weekend and hope they can make the SEC tournament.

Look for more college baseball coverage over the coming weeks, including a look at the new home of the College World Series, TD Ameritrade Park Omaha.

Anyway, here is the trial run at College Baseball Bracketology, hope you enjoy.

Click Below for 5BS’ first College Baseball Bracketology:

#1- Charlottesville Regional





Houston Regional




Kent State

#2- Nashville Regional



NC State


Chapel Hill Regional





#3-Columbia Regional

South Carolina


Coastal Carolina

Old Dominion

Atlanta Regional

Georgia Tech



Stony Brook

#4-Corvalis Regional

Oregon State

Fresno Sttae

SE Louisiana


Fullerton Regional

Cal State Fullerton




#5- Austin Regional



East Tennessee State

Michigan State

Fort Worth Regional


Oklahoma State

Texas State

Austin Peay

#6- Tallahassee Regional

Florida State

Florida International

Mississippi State


Norman Regional




Alcorn State

#7- Gainesville Regional



Florida Atlantic

Bethune Cookman

Clemson Regional


Southern Mississippi



#8-Tempe Regional

Arizona State***

UC Irvine

Kansas State

South Dakota State

College Station Regional

Texas A&M


Ole Miss

Wright State

Last Six In-

Kansas State

SE Louisiana

Ole Miss

Florida Atlantic

East Tennessee State


First Teams Out-



Texas Tech

St. John’s

Sam Houston State



Dallas Baptist

James Madison



***Arizona State is currently eligible because they appealed to the NCAA for their one-year ban from postseason play, it is likely they will participate this year because a ruling on the appeal is not expected until after the start of the tournament. If the ruling is upheld but after the start of the tournament, they will be banned next season

5 Responses to “Introducing…College Baseball Bracketology”

  1. ACC Fan Says:

    What about the Diamond deacs? is there any possibility for 8 acc teams or the wake forest wrecking crew?

  2. sammywestside Says:

    I wish I could add Wake, but NCAA rules state that you must have atleast a 500. record to get an at-large bid…the good news is tho, Wake isn’t out of it yet, they can have a strong showing against Maryland this weekend and then head to the ACC tournament and pull the upset

  3. I question your research, as a SEC fan, I pull for all 12 teams (Tennessee the least). NCAA rules state that a team MUST have a winning record OR win their conference tournament. Georgia is currently 26-26 and has a cupcake (who beat them earlier in the year) and then 3 games with Nationally ranked Vanderbilt this weekend. UGA has already made the SEC tourney, so there is 2 automatic losses. Unfortunately, UGA is 15-12 in SEC play, but played poorly in non-conference games and that will be their downfall. There is a slim chance that Georgia will make the field of 64.

  4. sammywestside Says:

    you’re absolutely right…I thought they were 2 or 3 games over .500…the interesting thing is that it’s probably going to come down entirely to if they can finish at 500 or not…if they do, they’ll make it, but probably as a 3 seed in a region…and if not, well then they go home…I did not realize they play Vandy this weekend, so it’ll be very tough for them to win despite their great RPI and SOS

  5. If you look at the total body of work, Mississippi State is easily a two seed over Florida International. State has wins over Fla, S. Caro., and Vandy all have been number 1 and will be national seeds. State swept a ranked Auburn team and Tennessee, and have beaten Ole Miss three out of four games this year on the road. They also have a midweek win over ranked Southern Miss. Who has FIU beaten? MSU’s RPI is top 25 currently

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