Analyzing the Posada Situation

If you haven’t heard, there was heavy drama involved during the Yanks-Sox game last night. Before the game, Joe Girardi moved Jorge Posada to the 9th spot in the batting order since Jorge is only batting .165 for the season (the worst batting average in the league with a minimum of 172 at bats). After hearing he was dropped in the order, Posada asked Girardi to be taken out of the lineup “in order to clear his mind.” However, Posada’s wife tweeted during the game that Jorge was out of the lineup due to an injury. To make the drama worse, Brian Cashman was interviewed in the middle of the game and said that Jorge was not injured. After the game, Posada claimed he did have an injury but he needed a mental day off. Now there’s some speculation about Posada and his future with the Yankees.

First of all, I want to say that this situation was completely blown out of proportion. I don’t see the big deal in asking to be taken out of the lineup for a mental day off. Knowing Jorge, I know he’s a winner. He would do everything to compete. He’s been unbelievable during his 15 years with the Yanks. Now even though I love the “new” Brian Cashman, I disagree with his comments he made during the game. I can’t believe he spoke to the media before he talked with Jorge. He was saying things based just on assumptions. Overall, Jorge is struggling at the plate this year. He may have been pissed about being moved to 9th, but it doesn’t matter. If he needs a day off, he should have it without anyone questioning him. From Girardi’s press conference, it seemed that Joe wasn’t even pissed. I think Girardi handled the situation great, but Cashman blew it out of proportion. If I was Joe, I would bench Posada tonight (I don’t think you can call yesterday a “mental day off”). He’s a veteran who can clearly hit. Just give him time to figure it out and hopefully we can all put this situation behind us.

Now having said that, can the Yanks start to fucking hit?? This weekend has been embarrassing. With this lineup, it’s unacceptable to be shut out like that. By the way, forget about that great bullpen we talked about last month. This bullpen blows! Get Joba the fuck out of New York. How many games has he blown? Maybe if he stopped eating so much, he could get some people out. The final game of the series begins tonight at 8pm on ESPN.

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