Everyone Needs to Get Off Jeter’s Ass

Yea I know he’s batting .250. I get that he’s been a ground ball machine all season. But these headlines I’ve been reading have been crazy. Everyone in the baseball world has been criticizing Jeter because he seems to be on the decline. Everyone claims that he’s 36 years old and his best years are behind him. Some people want him benched. Others even want him cut or traded! All of this bullshit shows that it’s impossible for a superstar athlete not to be criticized during the end of a career.

Think about it – when Barry Bonds was in his late 30’s, he took steroids and became an even more amazing ballplayer. Even though he was putting up unbelievable numbers, fans began to turn on him and criticize how he cheated. This is completely acceptable. But when it comes to Jeter’s situation, how can people criticize him? In this words of Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy, “How can you downgrade someone who does everything right?” Jeter’s name has never been involved with any steroid allegations. Without steroids, an athlete’s career will decline. So everyone just shut up about Jeter not getting the job done. He’s still better than half the shortstops in baseball. He will probably bat .270, which is fine given the Yanks have so many weapons in the lineup. So let’s put this Jeter talk to rest and let the man play out of the rest of his career in peace.

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