Marvin Austin = Stud

Even though the Giants needed an offensive lineman early in this draft, they couldn’t pass on Marvin Austin. Knowing Jerry Reese’s philosophy on the draft, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. According to Reese, it’s important to draft the best player left on the board – not the best player for your needs. Last season, the Giants were stacked on the defensive line, yet they still drafted lineman Jason Pierre-Paul. After the way Pierre-Paul performed last year, it looks like Reese made the right decision. So why would Reese change his philosophy in this year’s draft? The Giants made the right move drafting Austin. Even though he was suspended for the 2010 season at North Carolina for having ties with agents, it doesn’t mean he’s an absolute stud. Some are saying that taking a player who has sat an entire season is a risk. Austin is a risk, but his talent was too much to pass by in the second round. Once again, outstanding job by Jerry Reese.

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