New Yankee Stadium vs. Old Yankee Stadium


I’m officially fed up with the new stadium. It’s unfathomable that the Yankees have on average over 10,000 seats empty each game. You know there is a significant problem when the greatest franchise of all-time has major trouble selling out home games. When are the Steinbrenner’s gonna get it? The economy sucks. No one is going to pay over $500 to watch the Yankees. No one wants to pay $10 for a small cup of beer. Having grown up going to the old Yankee Stadium, it’s hard to get used to the new one. I know that the old Yankees Stadium wasn’t the most beautiful stadium, but the atmosphere during a ballgame was the best in baseball. This season, I’ve watched a handful of the Yankees game live and it’s embarrassing seeing field box seats practically empty. This is the third season in a row of this bullshit. It’s time for a change.

Even during the 2009 World Series, the stadium atmosphere wasn’t the same. Back in the 90’s, the crowd consisted of a bunch blue collar New Yorkers who bled Yankee baseball. Just take a look of the video of Don Mattingly (above) hitting his first posteason home run. The crowd is just absolutely swarming in the upper deck. Now the stadium is littered with Wall Street brokers who probably grabbed company tickets on the way out of the office. All these guys do is arrive in the third inning, go to the steak house in the stadium with a couple of clients, and then leaving during the 7th inning stretch. It’s truly sad that baseball has come to this. Around the league, ticket sales have significantly decreased. The Yankees’ ticket sales are down over 2,000 fans a game since last year. The Steinbrenners must lower ticket prices if they want the true fans to come back to the Stadium. Until then, these fans will continue to watch the games at New York bars instead.  

Will we ever see epic moments like this again?

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