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Carl Everett Arrested For Putting Gun to Wife’s Head

Posted in Mets on April 26, 2011 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Down goes one of my least favorite athletes of all-time! Even when I was five years old, I hated his guts. I still remember watching a Mets game during a hot summer day in 1995. During one of Everett’s at bats, my dad said to me, “This guy got in trouble for beating his children.” Not that good of a first impression of the dude.  Then, of course, Carl got traded to the Red Sox and started to rake. While with the Sox, he went on to show up one of my favorite pitchers of all-time, Ted Lilly. Everett was a switch hitter, but against the left-handed Lilly, he batted lefty. When asked why he batted left-handed he said, “I only bat righty against lefties who throw hard.” One year later, Everett broke up Mike Mussina’s perfect game with two outs in the 9th. After his base hit, he proceeded to stare down at Mussina and slowly nod his head. So when I found out this afternoon that Everett was arrested, was it wrong that I couldn’t help but smile?