It’s Officially Baseball Season

You're an Embarrassment to this City

Yeah I know the Knicks aren’t technically out of the playoffs. But given they’ve officially quit on us, I am gonna go ahead and quit on them. Last night’s game was one of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever had as a New York sports fan. After two heartbreaking losses in Boston, the Knicks had a chance to salvage the series in front of the best basketball fans in the league. Instead of regaining the momentum of the series, the Knicks quit. In the second half, they stopped playing defense and showed no effort on either side of the ball. Any reason for leaving Ray Allen wide open on almost every shot in the third quarter? This is one of the few times I will not criticize D’Antoni after a loss. If you watched him on the bench, he looked like he did everything he could to energize his squad. Nothing worked. Carmelo and Amare are damn good basketball players, but I’m questioning their heart. I don’t care if Stoudemire is hurt. It’s the fucking playoffs. Maybe he should watch footage of Willis Reed and learn what it takes to win a championship.

The Knicks Can't Match the Heart of Kevin Garnett

The Celtics are a very arrogant team. Whenever I see Kevin Garnett take a bow to our fans after the game, I want to punch him in the face. He’s just one of your typical classless athletes. But the guy has the heart of a champion. If I could pick any player in the NBA right now to have on my team I would chose KG. He is a vocal leader who just knows how to win. Same goes with Paul Pierce. I hate the dude, but I respect the fuck out of him. And of course, Jesus Shuttleswoth. Here’s a guy I can’t hate. He’s Reggie Miller without a mouth. After he makes a dagger three pointer, he just runs back on defense. There’s no trash-talking, no hand gestures, nothing. I feel stupid that I actually thought the Knicks had a chance to even this series. With the exception of Billups, Amare, and Carmelo, I think Walsh needs to clean house. I don’t even want big names. Just give me players who have heart and will do anything to win. The Knicks haven’t had a guy like that since Starks.

So it’s officially baseball season. Yankees play tonight at Baltimore at 7pm on YES.

This Team Just Knows How to Win

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