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Big Night in the NHL

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Gotta admit, this Canadiens song is very catchy. It’s definitely getting me pumped to watch tonight’s Game 4 matchup at the Bell Centre. Only in Canada, right? Plus who’s the girl in that video? There’s nothing better than hot chicks in hockey jerseys. This is quite possibly the best rivalry in NHL history and after a Bruins Game 3 win, it’s turning into an epic series. If Boston comes ready to play, they should win this series in six games. But if they repeat history, Montreal could find themselves making another impressive playoff run. I’m actually rooting for the Bruins in this series though. It wasn’t fun watching my boy Tim King almost hang himself from the ceiling after the Bruins’ playoff collapse last year. So for his sanity, I hope the Brew Crew can get it done.

As for the Rangers, that had to be one of the worst ways to lose a playoff game. When you’re up 3-0 heading into the third period, you can’t let a team like the Capitals gain any momentum. Once Washington scored those two fluke goals, I had a hunch the Blue Shirts would blow it. Then in double overtime, the Rangers handed the Caps the game on a silver platter. However, I was impressed with the Garden faithful. They definitely let Boudreau hear it. Sucks that Bruce had the last laugh. Now with the Capitals having all the momentum, it’s going to be a tough Game 5 for the Rangers.


Colon Gets First Win in Pinstripes

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TORONTO (AP)—Bartolo Colon put his best foot forward in his first start with the New York Yankees, and wanted something to remember the occasion. Colon pitched into the seventh inning to earn his first win in two years and the Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-2 on Wednesday night.  “It’s very special for me,” Colon said through a translator. “The shoes that I wore today, I’m going to keep them as a memory.” Curtis Granderson homered for the AL East-leading Yankees, who won for the fifth time in seven games and remain the only major league team without consecutive losses this season.

How does Bartolo Colon still have a translator? Hasn’t the guy pitched in the bigs since 1997? Figure it out man! You can’t even say “It’s very special for me” in English? C’mon! Having said that, the guy pitched his heart out last night. With Phil Hughes going on the DL with a severe case of vaginitis, Colon has made the most of his opportunity. So far, Cashman is looking like a genius signing Colon and Garcia. Both have stepped up and showed us they still have plenty of innings left in the tank.  The Yanks head down to Baltimore this weekend for a three games series.

Colon as a Rookie in 1997

Greatest Speech I’ve Ever Heard

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When I woke up this morning, I felt awful. Having only gotten four hours of sleep last night, the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed and go to class. Then I watched this video. Now I’m ready to run through a wall. If you’re not ready to conquer life after watching this speech, you should just give up.