Who’s the Greatest Hockey Announcer of All-Time? Mike Emrick or Gary Thorne?

As we head into the heart of the NHL playoffs, I can’t help but miss Gary Thorne broadcasting hockey. After the 2004-2005 lockout, ESPN dropped their contract with the NHL. Since Gary Thorne works for ESPN, he hasn’t done any NHL play-by-play since. He’s done the Frozen Four for NCAA hockey, but that’s not the same. Even though Gary isn’t around, I still love listening to Mike Emrick. The dude absolutely bleeds hockey. No matter what game it is, Emrick acts like it’s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. He makes every goal sound like it’s the series winner. Last weekend, I was watching the Detroit Red Wings take on the Phoenix Coyotes in the first round. Even though I have no affiliation to either team, I was pumped just from listening to Emrick. So who do you think is better?

Montage of Gary Thorne calls:

Montage of Mike Emrick calls:

Even though Thorne has the greatest call of all-time (below), I’m gonna call it a tie.

Who do you think is the greatest of all-time?

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