Moving Forward

It’s time to forget the last two games in Boston. The Knicks are down 2-0 in the series and must focus on getting back on track. Will Stoudemire play in Game 3? Who knows? Back spasms isn’t a minor injury. In order for the Knicks to make this a series, they must crush the Celtics at the Garden. If the game comes down to the final seconds again, I don’t trust this Knicks squad making any clutch shots. Carmelo showed me that he couldn’t make the last shot in Game 1. Last night, Jared Jeffries pissed down his leg when he got the ball down by one with four seconds to go. As for Boston, they have four players on the court that can make the clutch shot. So let’s not have these next two games come down to the final wire.

Another big concern is Chauncey Billups’ knee. How bad is his injury? Will he be able to return on Friday, let alone the entire series? I think Toney Douglas did a good job filling in, but it’s utterly impossible to beat Boston without Billups in the lineup. Without Chauncey, Rondo went off and dropped 30 points (a career postseason high). The Knicks can’t let that happen again. Time to regroup and rest up. Game 3 is on Friday night at 7:30pm. Gotta win.

One Response to “Moving Forward”

  1. Richard Rembielak Says:

    “Jared Jeffries pissed down his leg when he got the ball down by one with four seconds to go.”

    I think I have heard that before…

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