I Forgot That NBA Playoff Games Are Rigged

I guess since the Knicks haven’t been in the playoffs for the past seven years, I forgot about how much David Stern and the NBA rig playoff games. Now I’m not going to be a sore loser and blame the refs for the Knicks Game 1 loss. But it’s very frustrating to watch the refs just hand the game to Boston. I actually feel stupid thinking that this would be a fair series. The Knicks were up by two and had possession with 30 seconds to go. Then out of nowhere, the ref called an offensive foul on Carmelo. If you watch that play, can you please tell me where the foul was? I didn’t realize if Carmelo backs away from a Kevin Garnett elbow it’s an offensive foul. Even worse, did anybody notice KG’s blatant illegal screen during the final play when Ray Allen hit the three? Of course it doesn’t get called.

Carmelo Had an Awful Knicks Postseason Debut

Gotta hand it to Jesus Shuttlesworth. That was an impressive shot at the end there. Looks like he’s still some clutch shots left in the tank. As for the Knicks, I’m a big fan of D’Antoni’s new style. It seems like he slowed down the offense, which kept the Knicks in the game. For the most part, D’Antoni had the Knicks playing solid defense. That was great game by Stoudemire, awful game for Carmelo. He’s gotta make that three in the final seconds. When playing Boston, the Knicks have to make clutch shots if they want to have a chance.

All will be forgiven if the Knicks get some home cooking when the series heads to the real Garden for games three, four and five. Game 2 begins on Tuesday night at 7pm on TNT. Let’s pray that Billups will be in the lineup.

(KG’s illegal screen at 4:11)

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