My New Favorite Team…in Soccer?

If you haven’t seen the Portland Timbers play a home game yet, then you should.

Last night was their first game, and can somebody please tell me where they came from and why they have the coolest traditions after one game?

America’s new coolest home venue can be found in Portland, Oregon.

The Portland Timbers are an expansion team in the MLS this year and those “European Fans” better take notice of this.

Imagine rapid college football fans, at a soccer game.

I’m not much of a soccer fan, but I have to admit I’d go to a Timber’s game anytime, this is what sports is about.

The National Anthem was freaking awesome, please someone else do this too!

Then the mascot! Awesome stuff!

Apparently every time they score, they chop of a slab of wood and pass it around the crowd before giving it to the player who scored the goal after the game.

One Response to “My New Favorite Team…in Soccer?”

  1. Welcome to the Timbers Army. (If you want to be Timbers Army, you already are. No dues. No initiation. Just get stuck in and root for the boys in green.)

    The Timbers have existed on and off in various levels of pro soccer since 1975, so there is a lot of history prior to that “first” game that you watched.

    You can learn more about the Timbers Army at

    And ask a lot more questions at the Timbers fans message board. ( Create a thread in the ‘Introduce Yourself’ sub-forum and get stuck in. You’ll enjoy the ride.

    And because it looks like you are in NY, definitely plan to go to the Timbers game in NY(J) on Sept 24. There will be a sizable contingent of Timbers Army making the cross-country trip for that. More info will be available at as the game draws nearer.

    And again, welcome!

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