The Worst Feeling in Sports

Let’s take a step back and forget about all the miserable moments the Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Islanders in the past decade. We can bitch and moan about the Yanks choking in the ’04 playoffs, the Giants blowing a 24 point the lead against the 49ers in the 2002 Wild Card Game, or the Knicks and Islanders’ decade of misery. But imagine if one of your beloved sports teams ended their season…and left for good. This is what’s about to happen to the Sacramento Kings. Do they have a large national fan base? No. But what else do the people of Sacramento have in sports besides the Kings? Today is a sad day for west coast basketball. And it’s not like the team is moving to Seattle (who lost the Sonics three years ago) or any other town in desperate need of a professional basketball team (St. Louis anyone?). Instead, it looks like the franchise will move to Anaheim. That means Los Angeles will have three NBA teams. Wow! They don’t even care about the Clippers there. So now there will be two NBA franchises that no one cares about in southern California. Just a sad day in the world of sports.

The Golden Years of Kings Basketball

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