Beckett Dominates…Sox Fans Think They Won the World Series

Beckett Dominated

There’s nothing I can say about last night’s loss. Whenever Beckett pitches like it’s October 2003, you don’t have a chance. Usually when the Yanks lose, there are countless times when I’m upset about missed opportunities. Last night, I wasn’t even pissed. I just sat back and watched Beckett sport up every pitch. I can’t remember any pitch he left up in the zone. I was also happy with Sabathia, even though he didn’t have his best stuff. It seemed like every inning the Sox were threatening. But CC had great damage control only giving up one run through 5 2/3 innings. All the Yanks need to do is forget about last night and get ready for a home series against Baltimore.

The funniest part of last night was during the Sunday Night Baseball post game show with Karl Ravech, John Kruk, and Barry Larkin. Last night, the post game show took place out on Yawkey Way right outside of Fenway. Behind the set, the streets were littered with Sox fans going absolutely crazy chanting “Yankees Suck” at the top of their lungs. First, I think it’s funny how Sox fans chant this when they improve to 2-7 on the season. Second, it’s the second week in April and these dudes are cheering like they won the World Series! Just hilarious. I guess this was Boston’s World Series. Whenever they take two out of three from the Yanks I guess they feel like they deserve rings or something. Truth is, I don’t care what the Red Sox do until I have to. Maybe after the All-Star Break and the the division lead is close I’ll start glancing at the out of town scoreboard. Until then, let the Sox have their fun early in the year. Let Beckett shove in April. I’ll only start worrying if he keeps this up in late September.

Second Week in April Bro. Relax.

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