Send Phil Hughes Down

After two awful starts this season, Phil Hughes finds himself with an abysmal 16.50 ERA. His hardest fastball yesterday was clocked at 91 mph while he remained consistent at 89-90. Last season, Hughes was throwing 93-94. What the hell happened? Is he hurt? Whatever the problem is, this isn’t acceptable. Also, is that a curveball? Because if it is, it’s not breaking at all. Maybe he needs Little Big League‘s George O’Farrell to talk some sense into him. If I were Cashman, I would immediately send him to Scranton. Have him pitch in some simulated games and so he can do whatever he can to get his fastball back. Bartolo Colon, on the other hand, showed that he deserves a start within the next week. I know he took the loss yesterday, but he stopped the bleeding after Hughes’ two inning debacle.


How can someone not be prepared for the season? Hughes was in spring training for over a month and a half before the opener. What the hell was he doing? If I found out the Yankees got rid of Hughes today, I would have no problem with that. The guy doesn’t deserve to wear pinstripes if he wants to pitch soft. What’s a bigger stage in April than the Red Sox home opener against the Yankees? How can you not be fired up for something like that? Completely unacceptable. Let’s hope my man Ivan Nova helps the Yanks tie up the series. Game #2 of the series begins at 1:10 (aka 20 minutes) on Fox.

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  1. ChocolatelabMaddux Says:

    Easy Healy…

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