Blame Me for the Loss Last Night

Boone Logan is Pitching Himself Off This Roster

It’s official. We have the Sports Illustrated curse. If you look two posts below this one, you can read about how awesome the Yanks’ bullpen will be this year. My bad. I know the Yankees are only four games into the season, but it’s unacceptable to lose a game like that at anytime during the season. A four run lead in the 8th inning should 99.9% lead to a victory, especially if you have one of the best bullpens in the league. Looking at Rafael Soriano’s stats the last few years, last night should be a fluke. Obviously, I still have full confidence in the dude so I won’t worry about him too much. But I am beginning to feel concerned about the other guys in the pen (Dave Robertson, Boone Logan, Luis Ayala, etc.) So far this year, these guys have shown me nothing. I have no trust in any reliever not named Joba, Soriano, or Rivera. Robertson is supposed to be a reliable middle reliever. Figure it out dude! He’s got electric stuff but he’s been getting shelled since the playoffs last year. If Boone Logan doesn’t step it up, he’s going to get axed by next week. With Feliciano coming back in a couple of weeks, Logan is pitching his way off the team. I still don’t even know who Luis Ayala is. He did get out of a jam in the 10th, but I can’t see the guy being consistent out of the pen.

Some good things: Texeira is an absolute beast. The guy looks like he’s on his way to have an MVP-like season. Also, Congrats to Andruw Jones hitting a home run in his first at bat in pinstripes. That also was great job by Sabathia throwing seven shutout innings. Too bad the bullpen couldn’t finish the job for him. I hope Soriano, Robertson, and Logan all apologized to CC after the game. Sabathia doesn’t deserve that kind of disrespect from the pen. Game #3 of the four game series continues tonight at 7:05pm.


One Response to “Blame Me for the Loss Last Night”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    It’d be nice if we could club a few ‘end of the rotation’ pitchers around too. we’re in a ‘score early and sit back’ mode. As Teixiera commented: “We’ve got to pile on,” Teixeira said. “We can’t be satisfied with four runs in the first two innings…”

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