Presenting the Sports Bucket List…

Stairway to Heaven=classic song, and it somehow seems to relate to this whole doing stuff before I die thing...of course if there's a heaven?

This is an idea I’ve been going over for years.

Its simple.

I love sports and there are many places I want to go before I die.

I’d love to spend a year just traveling around to stadiums and towns across the country, but money and time don’t allow that, so I try to squeeze in whatever chance I can get.

The format and explanation of this is pretty simple, I’m going to go through every place or event I’d like to visit before I die, as well as those I’ve already visited and I recommend every sports fan should enjoy.

This list is going to be loooooooooooooooooooooong, so I’m going to group the list into groups of five. Each post I will write a short snidbit about 5 places I’ve been or want to go. I’m not sure how long the list will be or how long it will take me, but in the end I’m sure it’ll be pretty freaking awesome.

So sit back and enjoy my personal recommendations and desires, of places to go across the country (and maybe even world).

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