Going For the Sweep

A-Rod Has Mastered the All-Pro Bat Flip

Can’t complain about yesterday’s performance by the Yanks. It was very comfortable watching Burnett pitch with a six run lead. When Teixeira is hot, this lineup is deadly because pitchers are forced to throw to A-Rod. Yesterday was a prime example of this. In the bottom of the 6th, A-Rod hit an outside fastball over the centerfield fence for his first home run of the season. (Anyone check out his bat flip pimp job? Gotta love him. I know my good friend and die-hard Reds fan Joel Ernst loved watching that modest move by Alex). One of the biggest surprises for the Yankees so far has been Russell Martin. We knew Martin was a solid defensive catcher, but who knew he would start off so well at the plate? His three-run homer in the bottom of the 5th officially put the game out of reach for the Tigers.

Now here are a couple of concerns: the middle relief looked awful. Luis Ayala looked unprepared in his Yankees debut. If he wants to stay on this team, he better figure it out soon. It also wasn’t fun witnessing Boone Logan’s inability to close out the game. With a five run lead, you don’t want the only lefty in the pen make the game interesting. It’s great having Mariano come in and finish the game easily, but the Yanks’ shouldn’t have to rely on Mo every game. So let’s clean up the middle relief so the Yankees can continue this hot start. The Yanks go for the sweep today at 1pm.

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