LT is a Free Man!!

Giants nation should forgive Lawrence Taylor. Unlike Ben Roethlisberger and Ray Lewis, Lawrence Taylor manned up and told the truth about the situation. Usually, a former athlete would want to keep a good image. Not LT! He admits that he likes prostitution. You have to admire his honesty.  I do love his quote, “It’s the world of prostitution…you never know what you’re gonna get.” Classic Lawrence. So let’s all be thankful that the greatest Giant of all-time didn’t receive jail time. Long live LT.


One Response to “LT is a Free Man!!”

  1. rationalhumanbeing Says:

    Yeah he may be acquitted, but I’m not giving him the Nobel peace prize for his character that’s for sure. What he did for the Giants was great on the field. Lets leave his legacy there.
    If the quote listed was “Classic Lawrence” it shows what a piece of shit the guy really is.

    Odds are he paid her to lie about her age anyway

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