My Thoughts on the Knicks Situation

What’s wrong with the Knicks?

Its simple…they are not good enough right now to win.

With the trade of Carmelo the Knicks traded away their depth for a super star. If you’ve seen my article from right after the trade, you know I wasn’t happy with it. It has nothing to do with Melo. He is a great player and I’m happy to have him.

The problem is what we gave up.

Since the trade the Nuggets have improved and the Knicks have gotten worse.

Its no coincidence.

The Knicks simply gave up too much, and given the possibility that Melo might have ended up in New York anyway via Free Agency makes it worse. I know it was not likely, but it was possible still.

In Denver the Nuggets are riding their new acquistions to a 10-4 record since the trade. Gallinari and Chandler are the most upsetting losses in the trade, because they have the ability to carry a team any night with their scoring talents. The Knicks have realized that now they don’t have scoring options anymore. Its Amare, Melo and Billups scoring almost every point, while we rely on a guy like Toney Douglass to give us a big night to win the game.

Winning teams have a bunch of players who can score, and on off nights for guys like Amare or Melo you can lean on them. That’s a big part of what made the Knicks successful early in the year.

The Knicks’ future may still be bright because of the cap room available and having the anchors of Melo and Amare, but for now we have to sit and wait.

The Knicks will make the playoffs and hopefully it will be entertaining, but I don’t have high hopes at this point. They have lost the six seed to the 76ers, and are now staring down a first round matchup with the red hot Bulls.

Next summer the Knicks need to come up with some big signings and steals. We need someone who can start at PG and C and be productive.

Of our current players I hope to see Turiaf, Douglass, Fields, and either Shawne Williams or Bill Walker back. They all can be contributors of a winning club, but only one can start for the Knicks to be successful. The Knicks get killed on the boards and need that big body down low to block shots and grab those boards. Turiaf is a great backup center, but can’t be starting for us. He’s a glue guy that I love, as an option off the bench.

Hopefully Donnie Walsh has a plan and will get it done, and hopefully that includes Isiah Thomas staying in Florida at FIU.

Don't come back!

One Response to “My Thoughts on the Knicks Situation”

  1. vanillaICe Says:

    Good teams have more than 3 people that can score??? Have you taken a look at the Celtics lately??? I count exactly 3 and a toney douglas esque player in Jeff Green. Pierce, Garnett and Allen can go off at any point but thats where the true “scorers” are. Rondo is an elite pg, maybe a top 3 pg, in the league, but he isn’t a scorer.

    I TOTALLY disagree with this article. Do the knicks suck right now? Abso-frickin-lutely. But was it the right move? Hell F-ing yes. You got a top notch NBA superstar on your team for a bunch of role players. Congratulations. In the words of Charlie Sheen, WINNING!!! The knicks will make the playoffs this year which is what everyone was hoping for this year to begin with and then next year, you make some moves, add some role players that will play defense and hit the boards and BAM!! an elite NBA team (especcially since the celtics are starting to show their age)

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