Karma’s a Bitch Mario!

Just to keep you guys in the know:

Last month, Pittsburgh Penguins’ owner Mario Lemieux heavily criticized the Islanders for being goons against his Pens. There were over 300+ penalty minutes total for both teams while the Islanders beat down Pittsburgh 9-3. Isles’ forwards Trevor Gillies and Matt Martin received multi-game suspensions while Pens’ forward Eric Godard received a 10 game suspension for coming off the bench. Mario Lemieux claimed that the Islanders did not receive a proper suspension and were let off the hook by the NHL (even though the Isles were fined $100,000). Last weekend, Penguins forward Matt Cooke (who’s known as one of the dirtiest players in the league) elbowed Rangers’ defensemen Ryan McDonagh in the head on a check. Cooke has been suspended by the NHL for the remainder of the season plus the first round of the playoffs. Lemieux has not commented on the situation.

Hahahaha! This is awesome! For the past two months, Lemieux has been writing letters to the NHL asking them to have harsher punishments for illegal hits. Shouldn’t he realize that he has the dirtiest player in the league? Cooke has been doing this his entire career. At least when Gillies hits people, he does it in retaliation. What did McDonagh do to the Penguins? Nothing. Cooke just decided to hit the guy because he has a sick mind.

I’m all about the illegal hits, but only if the player deserves it. Last month, Max Talbot deserved to get blindsided when Matt Martin hit him out of nowhere. This is because Talbot illegally hit Isles’ forward Blake Comeau three days before that. Retaliation is one of the best parts of the game. It’s how you stick up for your teammates.

But Matt Cooke is just going out on a limb hitting people. When Cooke boarded Columbus Blue Jackets’ Fedor Tyutin in January, it was for no apparent reason. If he didn’t receive a bigger punishment than Trevor Gillies, I would be laughing at how much the NHL hates the Islanders. Finally, the NHL is laying down the law on their golden franchise.

So let’s give a little lesson for Lemieux: Before you criticize other franchises and the NHL, make sure your own guys stay clean. Maybe then you wouldn’t look like a total douche. Isles take on the Lightning tonight in Tampa. Montoya vs. Roloson.

Once again, here’s Zenon Konopka’s interview last month about his opinion of Mario.

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