The Answer To East Side Ryno’s Question: No

One of the Knicks' Biggest Problems: Defense at the Center Position

Another painful loss for the Knicks? Not really. To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised. The Knicks need to look at games like this as a lesson. We  CANNOT beat teams like the Celtics, Heat, Bulls, and Magic consistently with the roster we have . We can’t even beat the Pistons or the Bucks right now. You look at this team with this coach and you keep your fingers crossed that Toney Douglas or Shawne Williams are having good nights, because if they’re not, it means the Knicks are probably going to lose. I mean did we actually think that this team was going to make any noise this year? Before and after the Melo trade? And that’s not to say that there isn’t hope. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in sports so you never know…However, realistically, Knicks fans and more importantly THE KNICKS MANAGEMENT need to look at this in perspective. Look at the Celtics…now there is a team that knows how to win. Yeah, they are old and battered up. But they step it up when it counts and do what it takes to get to or win a championship: PLAY DEFENSE. This Knicks team won’t win a championship with D’Antoni at the helm. In this league, if you want it, you need to play D or have a great amount of team chemistry…oh yeah and also don’t blow double digit leads.


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