UNC Gets All the Calls…Weird.

(Start video at 12:44)

Carolina literally tried to lose this game. UNC was up by three with five seconds to go when Washington chucked up a final shot from half court. Instead of letting the air-ball go out of bounds, UNC forward John Henson touched the ball right before the ball went out of bounds. When watching the video, notice how much time was left when the ball went out of bounds. (The clock was at 1.1 seconds). Usually, the referees would review the call to make sure they have the right time. Instead, they quickly proceeded to let the game carry on with 0.5 seconds to go. Washington then chucked up another three pointer to tie the game but Henson blocked the shot as the ball was coming down, which is clearly a goaltend. But once again, the refs turned their heads and walked off the court. Pathetic Carolina refs.

This isn’t the only time UNC has been favored by the officiating crew. If you’ve experienced ACC football or basketball, you would be shocked with the amount of Carolina favoritism. Just ask sammywestside when he attended a Clemson-UNC football game in Chapel Hill last fall. Absolutely pathetic.

Do I hate Carolina? No, I hate Duke. I just don’t like UNC either. I actually liked Carolina when they had Antwan Jamison, Vince Carter, Ed Cota, and all those late 90’s superstars. I started not liking them when Roy Williams came around and won a title with Sean May, Rashad McCants and Marvin Williams. Now having experienced the culture of ACC basketball for the past four years, I grown even more dislike for UNC and Duke. So now that my brackets are all but done with that Pitt loss last night, I’m just rooting for a Carolina and Duke to lose.

It's Easy to Win National Titles When You Get Every Call

2 Responses to “UNC Gets All the Calls…Weird.”

  1. Mike Antony Says:

    ACC officials, especially baseball crews, need to grow thicker skin! They seem to be overly sensitive.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! There’s no crying in the ACC!

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