What Does this Guys’ Bracket Look Like?

I'm sure that St. John's will either lose to Gonzaga tomorrow....or go to the final four. 50-50 odds baby!

I have to admit that in the past I’ve always taken a very serious approach to filling out brackets. My way worked for years, many times winning me money, but that was until last year. Last March the brackets blew up and I was average.

This year I feel like I’m more informed then ever about College Basketball, but that only means one thing…I’m sure that I know nothing about what will happen. This year’s field is more crazy then ever and if you look to the bottom right section of your bracket, then you should see pure idiocy.

The selection committee screwed up and so our brackets should be worse then ever.

This means that I will indeed go a little off the deep end in my bracket prediction, and thus completely suck when the numbers are totaled.

And so…here it is…

Sammy Westside’s 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket (it’s going to suck)

By the way, if you’re looking for an idiot…here’s Doug Gottlieb…first he was kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing, then he proceeded to believe that no bubble team could make the tournament (even if they had to have 68 teams), and now he’s just plain stupid…(of course he berated some teams for making the tournament, and then picked them to advance to the sweet 16) ….a Toast to you Doug, for making me sure that all the scumbags and idiots of the world (like you) will end up getting breaks (and cool jobs like playing with touch screens all day), while people like me try to be kind, loyal and honest, but get f***ed over repeatedly anyway.

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