NCAA Tournament Bracket: East Side Ryno Edition – aka “Upset City”

So this year I decided to go crazy. A lot of you will completely disagree with the bracket, but I don’t care. Like I said before, I feel that this is a year where the seeds don’t matter as much. I think there are some #12 and #13 seeds that will manhandle the #4 and #5 seeds. Just to let you guys know, I don’t analyze anything when it comes to choosing my bracket. I just go with my gut feeling as I’m writing my picks. Here are a couple of my key upsets:


#13 Princeton over #4 Kentucky

Princeton is coming off a historic victory against a good Harvard squad. Lead by almost all upper-classman, I feel that the Tigers will out duel the young an inexperienced Wildcat freshmen. (I have Princeton beating West Virginia in the second round as well)


#13 Oakland over #4 Texas

My aunt and uncle live minutes away from the Oakland University campus in Rochester, Michigan. Plus they are the Golden Grizzlies. Enough said.

#7 Temple over #2 San Diego St. (Second Round)

Let’s go Owls. A-10 Pride.


Notre Dame in the Finals


#12 Utah St. over #13 Belmont

Utah State has one of the best home courts in all of college basketball. They also have incredible tourney experience (have they been in the tourney for the past four years or something?). Definitely Sweet 16 worthy. Belmont will defeat Wisonsin because the Bruins are boss. I just think they’re going to be THAT team this year. This game will be the “Northwestern St. over Iowa in 2006” game.

#10 Michigan State over #2 Florida

Never go against Izzo!! At least not until the Sweet 16. Doesn’t matter what seed the Spartans are because this is Izzo’s tourament. Plus Florida is overrated.

#3 BYU in the Elite Eight

Everyone thinks BYU is screwed because Brandon Davies is suspended for the season. Plus, they supposedly play awful defense. Given every ESPN analyst hates BYU right now, they are destined to march to the elite eight.

Here is my bracket: (click to enlarge)

2 Responses to “NCAA Tournament Bracket: East Side Ryno Edition – aka “Upset City””

  1. Mike Antony Says:

    Thank you for the ND fight song. It made my day!

  2. Yes! Unfortunately it didn’t help them against the Seminoles

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