How Didn’t I Know About This Guy?

Have I been living under a rock? Where did Manny Banuelos come from? This evening I turned on ESPN 2 and BOOM – Yanks vs. Sox. Yesterday morning I heard a little about this 20 year-old pitcher in the Yankees system who would get the start against Boston down at Fort Myers. I didn’t realize this dude was lefty who was 93-96 mph on the gun with a devastating changeup. Is that opening for the 5th spot in the rotation still out there? I think we have our guy.

I’ve heard that the Yankees are expecting Banuelos to be ready for the bigs in late August, early September. I wouldn’t have a problem keeping him down in AAA for most of this season. He’s only 20 years old and has a lot of years left in that arm. Btw, the guy was impressive against the Red Sox starting lineup tonight.

One Response to “How Didn’t I Know About This Guy?”

  1. I read somewhere that they are planning on keeping Banuelos in AA Trenton this year. I’m glad the Yanks are being patient with him, but yesterday was exciting.

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