Quick Reaction to the NCAA Tournament Field

Wow, that’s all I can say…what a joke. The selection committee has never done a worse job with the field of teams.

Obviously we are all going nuts over UAB and VCU, which is completely validated, but it doesn’t end there.

The seeds are terrible, matchups are wrong. I could have put together a better field waking up from hibernation at 5:50pm this afternoon. Complete failure on all accounts.

Lets start at the top.

I don’t have a problem with the 1 seeds, that’s fine. Notre Dame, San Diego State, UNC all as two’s are good too.

Florida shouldn’t be 2. If they won the SEC tournament today I might have thought about it, but still no.

UConn should have grabbed it, or maybe someone else.

Next lets look at Georgia. 10 seed, what? They were right on the edge, perhaps no more than a 50-50 team getting in the field and they are now a 10 seed? No sir.

Why the hell is UConn a 3 and Cincinnati a 6 in the same region. Yeah I know there 11 Big East teams, but still no one should face off in the second round. That’s terrible.

Richmond and Utah State honestly deserved better seeds, 12’s aren’t very good for those two, who would have made it anyway without an automatic berth.

I hate first round matchups between two mid majors. No one wants to watch that. Give them both a shot at a big conference team. Butler vs. Old Dominion is stupid, and Butler doesn’t deserve an 8 seed. ODU probably deserves better.

Kansas State had a nice late run, but a 5 seed? No, especially losing to Colorado three times (who didn’t make it, but of course we know that problem). How do you value Kansas State high, and Colorado low?

OK the biggest snubs…

1) Colorado

2) Virginia Tech

3) Alabama

4) Boston College

5) St. Mary’s

Biggest What the Hell are you doing here:

1) UAB

2) VCU

3) USC


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