Next Time, Don’t Show Up.

One of the most pathetic performances I’ve ever seen in my 22 years as a Knicks fan. It’s one thing not to win against an opponent who’s one of the best teams in the west. But it’s another to quit in the first quarter. And don’t give this bullshit about the Knicks being tired because they’ve played four games in the past five days. These athletes are paid millions of dollars to perform for 82 games. All we ask as basketball fans are for the players to play hard. The Knicks would’ve been better off not flying to Dallas. Instead of letting the Mavericks walk all over you for 48 minutes, just don’t even bother showing up. I have better things to do on a Thursday night than watch pathetic basketball.

Yesterday was the last time I’m going to give the Knicks credit for anything. From now on, they must prove to me that they want to play here. Roger Mason and Ronnie Turiaf belong in the D-League after that performance. And here I am praising the Knicks’ bench for the past week. Everyone but Melo and Amare have lost all credibility. If I were Donnie Walsh (or Isiah Thomas, whoever is running the Knicks right now), I would threaten everyone but the two superstars that their jobs are on the line. If they don’t play well down the stretch, we can get better role players. So if these guys don’t want to play here, just continue to pack it in. I would have no sympathy watching them on the unemployed list come June. Knicks come home to take on the Pacers Sunday night. Figure it out.

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