Ohio State Gets Another Break From the NCAA

Jim Tressel: I will break the rules in order to win

This is now a joke. First the NCAA suspends the players for five games next year. Ok, maybe a fair length of suspension, but why the hell did they play in the Sugar Bowl?

Its because all the NCAA cares about is money. Not the money that changes hands of boosters, coaches, and players, but the money they make from it all.

Cam Newton shouldn’t have played, and Terrell Pryor shouldn’t have played the Sugar Bowl along with his other teammates that broke the rules.

The NCAA is inconsistent. That’s the facts. They punched USC in the face, deservedly but now are giving breaks to Auburn (and probably alot of other SEC teams in that case) and Ohio State because they are in the spotlight with these great teams. Its completely possible that Ohio State will make it through the first five games next year undefeated anyway, exactly what the NCAA wanted.

Now, Jim Tressel is in on it and two games and a fine. No. If I were an Ohio State Alumnus, or if Jim Tressel was the coach of my school, I’d fire him on the spot. This isn’t just fun and games Jimmy.

I will be working in College Athletics for the rest of my life most likely, and when I’m in higher roles of authority I’m going to make it a point to get these kind of sleezeballs. Tressel did more than just cover this up, I’m sure of it. Everybody makes mistakes, but if you’re covering up this then you’re willing to cover up more.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you Jim Tressel and Ohio State should get the death penalty or something, but these guys are just another example of how the NCAA is spineless right now.

Although I think Rodger Goodell and David Stern have gone a bit too far, they have done alot of good in cleaning up the NFL and NBA. Someone like these guys need to step up and take over the NCAA before all the cheating gets worse.

Here’s a video from Jimmy’s press conference back in December, when he didn’t know anything šŸ˜‰

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