Shout Out of the Week

The NHL Store – in my opinion is the greatest store in New York City. Whenever I find myself walking around midtown, I will always make my way towards 47th and 6th to stop by. This afternoon, I literally spend an hour in the store and didn’t even come close to buying a single thing. This leads to my only problem about the store – their wallet-raping prices. I’ve been to the NHL store 20+ times in my life, and I’ve only bought two things – a Bruins shotglass and an adjustable Hartford Whalers hat. Last year, I saw a vintage Islanders t-shirt cost $45 so I had to complain to an employee. He explained that the prices suck for the local fans, but international tourists throw money at anything that moves. So the NHL has been making a huge profit from those guys.

Awesome Summer Apparel

Nonetheless, the NHL Store is an orgasmic experience for anyone who loves hockey. The jerseys they sell are mind-blowing (Gretzky on the Blues? Joe Sakic on the Nordiques? Wow!!). Their new stuff for the summer is sick. With some vintage thin three-quarter sleeve shirts (see right) and new team flip-flops, you will be ready to represent your favorite squad while chilling at the beach. The store has also given the Islanders a little more love over the past year. Not only is there a 15 foot poster of John Tavares on the wall, but there are new Islanders merchandise all over the store. There were tons of vintage Islanders sweatshirts, new Islanders’ fleeces, and fantastic waffle shirts. What’s also great about the store is that the NHL Network airs it’s radio show “NHL Live” in a booth located inside. We can watch hots Bob McKenzie, Kevin Allen, and Ed Olczyk talk live during their two hour show.

So if you’ve never been to the NHL Store, you have to go – even if you’re not a hockey fan. It’s an incredible experience and you will be shocked with all of their awesome merchandise. Tomorrow night I will make my way out to Uniondale to watch the Isles take on the Leafs. $13 seats right behind the net – gotta love the Coliseum.


Is This Heaven?

John Tavares and Patrice Bergeron Listed at 15 feet

A Piece of Ben Affleck's Wardrobe

The Outside

One Response to “Shout Out of the Week”

  1. Agreed on the prices. Great for the experience though.

    I found this website awhile ago. A little more reasonable but still some awesome stuff

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