By Chad Finn, Boston Globe Staff

When Heat coach Erik Spoelstra revealed Sunday night that there is indeed crying in basketball, he probably never considered that he’d be making his team a punchline in other locker rooms around the NBA.

But according to one report, that may be exactly what’s he’s done.

Spoelstra said during a postgame press conference yesterday after the Heat’s 87-86 loss to the Bulls — the South Beach Preseason On-Paper Champs’ fourth straight loss — that members of his team were crying in the locker room after the game.

His intent seemed to be to show that his players cared. Instead, it’s raised more questions about the collective toughness of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and their supporting cast.

ESPN New York reported that Knicks stars Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire were having a laugh at the Heat’s expense when the Knicks’ locker room opened to reporters last night after their victory over the Atlanta Hawks.

According to the report, the conversation between Anthony and Stoudemire cited one member of the Heat in particular and went like this:

Stoudemire: “I heard Chris Bosh was crying tears.”Anthony: “Tears?” Anthony asked.

Stoudemire: “Yeah, tears.”

Anthony: “Wait ’til I call him, man. I’ll be like: ‘What are you doing?’ “

As the report noted, Bosh denied to the media that he was one of the players who was crying. Wonder if he told Anthony the same thing.

Who wouldn’t laugh at that? I mean just looking at Erik Spoelstra is funny enough…add on the fact that he told the media after another crushing loss that LeBron and Bosh were bawling in the clubhouse is hilarious. LeBron probably didn’t cry though…he probably did the eye drop trick from Wedding Crashers to show he actually cares because he’s a heartless prick. Bosh was probably genuinely crying though.

Seriously though, this is the regular season, save your tears for when Melo and Amare drop you in the playoffs.


Way to go Boston Globe. Why are you writing about this again? Mind your own business and report on how great the Sox are going to be this year since they now apparently have the two greatest left handed hitters ever to play the game of baseball.

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