Gillies Receives 10 Game Suspension…Just Not Right

Just Defending His Boy DiBenedetto

And this occurred in his first game back after a nine game suspension. Now this really irritates me, and not only because Trevor Gillies is a beloved Islander. Gillies was suspended for the hit from behind he put on Cal Clutterbuck, but no one realizes that Gillies was defending his teammate Justin DiBenedetto after he suffered an illegal hit from Clutterbuck right before. Since when does retaliation get someone this bad of a punishment? Not sure if anyone watched Pittsburgh Penguins’ Matt Cooke’s hit on Columbus Blue Jackets forward Fedor Tyutin in December. That hit, which could have been paralyzing, eventually forced the NHL to suspend Cooke for four games. So you’re telling me the guy who performed the most dangerous hit of the season received a smaller suspension than a guy defending his teammate? That’s not right.

Every Team Needs a Trevor Gillies

I know that the NHL hates the Islanders and blames them for all the woes of the league, but this is just absurd. Mike Millbury and Matthew Barnaby are the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen. I will never respect their opinions on this sport any more. I don’t get it. Here are two former players who made a living off fighting in the NHL. Now when these kind of hits happen, they vent like little schoolgirl children about how it’s not right for the game? Get off my TV and have Butch Goring and Bryan Trottier do the talking on television from now on. At least Barry Melrose, a former Shout Out of the Week, has respect for our Isles. He has shown full support for Gillies actions.

On behalf of all Islanders fans, we praise Gillies for his actions. If you don’t praise him, shame on you. There’s nothing better than watching teammates stick up for each other. If anyone didn’t see Clutterbuck’s hit on DiBenedetto, it was the exact same hit Gillies gave to Clutterbuck. So don’t criticize Gillies without criticizing Clutterbuck, the player who ignited the hit. Plus he deserved the hit. This guy is one of the dirtiest players in the league. Definitely should’ve seen it coming.

Click here to listen to Matthew Barnaby, the former Ranger scumbag.

One Response to “Gillies Receives 10 Game Suspension…Just Not Right”

  1. jim zihal Says:

    Millbury did such a fantastic job destroying the islanders for 11 years.
    Why would he start now to respect them. He couldn’t be a successful gm and hes sucks as a commentator of the sport as well. When you listen to him bullshit everyone as a commentator you realize why the islanders had no chance to succeed when he was the gm.

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